Lysterfield park course


Sprint Series adventure race course consists of running, kayaking and mountain biking legs (one or two of each). To keep you excited and maintain your enthusiasm for the unknown, the exact course is held secret until check-in at the venue on the morning of the event.

Lysterfield park is one of the best Melbourne spots for adventure racing, with such a variety of different options, starting from 4wd trails to exciting flowing single tracks for mountain biking, awesome walking trails for running and pristine Lysterfield Lake for kayaking.  

Two courses are available: Novice and Classic.

The Classic course will retain all the great things we kept polishing over the last 8 years. Advanced leg is available for first 20 teams in Classic category, and it will be on MTB. Everything else is secrect for now!

Novice course is an introductory option for those first-timers still unsure. This is the best chance to step up and do full-on adventure race in a shorter and more accessible version.

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Kayaking stages are held on Lysterfield lake. All kayaking gear is supplied at the start of the leg. Any kayaking experience will be an advantage, however, even if you have never tried kayaking before you will be fine as the kayaks used in the Sprint Series Adventure Race are comfortable, exceptionally stable and designed for beginners. Training session is available on Saturday night prior the race for the last minute practice. More details>> 

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Running stages are held along 4wd trails, walking paths and minor off-road. 

Mountain biking sections consist of 4wd trails and single tracks. Mountain bike legs are designed to be comfortable and enjoyable for beginners. Using a proper mountain bike will be a wise idea, and obviously, skills and strength will give extra benefits!

The overall duration of the course is approximately 3-3.5 hours for midpack - there is an advanced leg to further challenge those super-fast teams, and if slower teams prefer to take their time and soak up the experience we may sometimes (although very unlikely) suggest that you skip some sections.

The course of each leg is determined by control points and you will obtain instructions on how to get those checkpoints in your team race pack at the morning of the event. Instructions could comprise a map, a marked course, or some photos, or whatever! So prepare yourself for the unexpected, and make sure to read final instructions sent a week before the event, and have all your compulsory gear ready!

This is not a relay - both of the team mates have to stay together for the entire event and find all checkpoints together- yes, this is an additional challenge to bring your team mate home (or they bring you).

The course is designed in such a way to highlight the best features of the area so check points are located in picturesque and exciting places that you would rarely visit on your own.

Approximate distances for the Classic course are:

Run 5 km
MTB- 15 km
Kayak 3 km

Approximate distances for the Novice course are:

Run 3 km
MTB- 10 km
Kayak 2 km

Registration for the 2020 race is open.

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