Adventure racing is a sport where you run, ride, paddle and navigate in one event.

It is quite difficult to be very good at everything; so it makes sense that by being average at everything, you can achieve success and be very good at adventure racing.

You race ability on the day can be dependent on the time you set aside to prepare for your race, but you can plan your training to suit you. The great news is that you can use the activities you enjoy most to prepare for it; whether you enjoy walking, jogging, trekking off-road, smashing it on a track, riding a road bike or mountain bike, or paddling any craft, training in the gym – all of these activities comprise the perfect platform for an adventure racing training session. You could mix it up and do all of them and you will never get bored!

If your goal is to stay, or become, healthy and fit while having fun with a team; this is a great opportunity to find a new passion and reach your goals by training and preparing for the Sprint Series Adventure Race.

Adventure Junkie offers specific adventure training to ensure you can get to the finish line and have lots of fun. All training sessions are held in Lysterfield park:

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