sprint series adventure race getting ready for the race



Compulsory equipment to be carried at all times:

  • First aid kit: 2 crepe (snake) bandages, min 5 cm width, 6 wound closure strips, 1 triangular bandage, 2 non-stick wound dressing pads – per team.
  • Mobile phone - per team.
  • Water - minimum total 0.5 liter at the start of each leg - per person.
  • Timing tag and race bib - locked on your wrist (provided by organisers) - per person.
  • Event maps and course description (provided by organisers) - per team.


Mountain bike leg compulsory equipment

  • Mountain bike or commuter bike with race bib attached (bikes are available for hire during online registration) - per person.
  • Helmet (also available for hire with your bike) - per person.


Kayaking leg compulsory equipment

  • PFD (provided by race organisers or can use your own) - per person.
  • Kayak (provided by organisers, or you can use your own) - per team.
  • Double-ended paddles (provided by race organisers or can use your own) - per person.


Recommended items

  • Waterproof pouch for the race information.
  • Compass (navigation is easy but might be handy). Compas hire and sale are available for the event during online registration only.
  • Map board for the bike. Map board hire and sale are available during online registration.
  • Off-road running shoes.
  • Repair kit of the mtb legs.
  • Nutrition for the entire event- some snacks and/or gels, and electrolytes.

sprint series adventure race run on the rocks



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