Kayaking and Navigation training sessions


Adventure Racing is a sport where you run, ride, paddle and navigate in one event.

From our experience, Navigation and Kayaking are the main daunting parts for first-time adventure racers.

We understand how busy you are so we have designed a fully-packed session, right in the race HQ, which will give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the kayaking equipment and get a quick 'how to use a map' guide. 

  • What: Kayaking and Navigation session, 60 minutes total. 
  • When: Saturday before the event. From 5:00 to 6:00 PM. 
  • Where: Race HQ, details will be sent in the event pack prior to the event.
  • Who: Designed for first-time racers.
  • Cost: $36 per person. Group is limited to 25.


Registration for the training session is available during the event registration. 

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